I charge based on a per project basis. I am glad to provide you with a quote. I do, however, need some details about the project. I would prefer to visit the site but if that is not possible some cell phone photos and a description will suffice. I will also need to know the end use of the photos, advertising, self-promotion, internal marketing ect...
The three main considerations that go into a quote will be:
1. The photography or creative fee: This is for everything associated with making the actual photos and editing them.  
2. The license fee: The photographer owns the rights to the photos and the client pays a licensing fee based on the amount of time and end usage of the photos. 
3. Expenses. This is for other costs incurred to produce the photos, travel, meals, ect...
I do offer cost sharing so if there are other parties involved in the project that want the photos you all share some of the costs. 
Please go to the Contact page to send me a message to get started! 
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